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The acrobats from Cycling Circus tell their romantic stories while performing on, under and around a variety of bikes.

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Street Show “Love has wheels”

Two daredevils challenge each other in an acrobatic story of life and love. A romantic date on a BMX-bicycle leads to family-life on unicycles. The more the bikes and bodies become tangled,  the more exciting the question: Will their love keep rolling – or will they be caught under their own wheels?


Walk-act “Family on wheels”

A couple is out and about on a bike trip – but on unicycles – behind a pram! It gets funny when they pull their baby-circus-bikes out! And it gets more funny, even photo-worthy- funny, when YOU or your kids or your wife and your neighbor’s cat all try riding one of our bikes too.

We have the right surprise under the blankets for anyone and everyone.

Don´t hesitate to join in, as they will keep cycling on soon!


Workshops with wheels

Do you want to try balancing on a circus bike? How about your daughter? Why not together on a mini-tandem-bike with the auntie of your daughter´s cousin? All of this is possible in Cycling Circus` Workshops with Wheels!

They bring along the weirdest bike creations. You bring your happy face and a sense of adventure!


Book this workshop. Or even better, try the often booked workshop/show package:

Cycling Circus` show will take you on a highly entertaining acrobatic “joyride” after which the audience can get involved and test their skills on some crazy bikes!



Book Cycling Circus for short  acts / walk-acts / workshops or shows in various themes. See below for some examples.